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Since an early age, Blair Hornstine dreamed of becoming a lawyer and using her courtroom prowess to improve life for the disadvantaged.  A gifted and persuasive orator, Blair was captain of the Moorestown High School varsity moot court team since her freshman year.  She was named top attorney at the moot court competition at Princeton University for three years and took her team to first place over forty other schools.  In the moot court competition at Harvard University in 2000 and 2001, she was twice selected as one of the “most distinguished” speakers out of more than eighty participants. 


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Blair Hornstine’s interests extend well past judicial law.  Blair has researched United States Supreme Court decisions and prepared oral arguments on affirmative action, pat down searches, locker searches, student rights, and freedom of religion and speech issues.  She honed her skills as a legislative lawmaker during a three year membership on her school’s Model Congress team.